Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review | EOS Ice Blue Lens

Dorky smile! My cat scratched the tip of my nose!

Hello again! I have some new lenses to show you:
my new EOS Ice blue lenses from

These feel like the biggest lenses I've worn, and I was surprised when I double-checked the diameter. Even though the EOS Ice series are 14.8mm in diameter, they feel the same size as my i.Fairy Keizen blue lenses (which were 16.2mm!)

I really like the design of these lenses. They've got a nice pattern on the outside that looks more natural than a thick or dark limbal ring. They're a pretty blue, but are much more vibrant than they look in the stock photo on the website.

Because the lenses are so much bigger than the iris, some of the white of the eye is visible; this gets called the halo effect. It becomes particularly obvious when you are looking sideways or up. These are the first lenses I've worn where I've really noticed the halo effect.

The halo effect is very obvious when I look sideways

As the i.Fairy Keizen lenses were my first blue lenses, I couldn't help but compare this pair to them. Basically, I think these ones are a thousand times better! I'm glad that I bought these, because the Keizen lenses made me worry that blue lenses would never suit my natural eye colour.

But these lenses certainly blend nicely with my natural colour, and there isn't a noticeable line around my natural eye colour. I think this is because the colour on the Ice Blue lens extends closer to the pupil than on the Keizen Blue.

Another thing better about the Ice Blue lens is that, unlike the Keizen Blue, there is no pixelation when you look at my eyes close up. The colour is smooth and uniform. Both lenses have lots of enlargement and look quite dolly (I don't really like that term but it is kind of the only one that works. You literally get big doll eyes!)

As I said before, the colour is very vibrant on the Ice Blue lens. The Keizen blue was a darker, more natural looking blue, whereas these are electric blue! I think that this same design in a more natural shade of blue would be really beautiful.

The only place that these lenses fall behind is in comfort. Whilst they were really easy to put in, they don't feel all that comfortable on your eye. Occassionally, the lens will shift slightly on my eyeball when I blink and you can feel this movement. I've looked in the mirror and you can't SEE the lens shifting, but it feels odd having it move around a lot. Also, I have only worn them for 5 hours at a time because any longer than that and my eyes begin to feel very tired and dry. However if you're happy to use a lot of eye drops and don't mind some slight shifting, you could probably wear these all day.

So, the verdict?

Design:            10/10
Enlargement:   10/10
Comfort:            6/10

Overall:  26/30
I've been doing my overall scores out of 10 in the
past but I'm listing them out of 30 from now on.  

Yay! Okay well if you happen to stumble upon my blog, please say hi or let me know what else I should write about. =D ♥

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review | EOS Fay 3 Tone Brown Lens

Wow it's been a while. After my exams, I disappeared to Europe, and then as soon as I got back, it was Christmas! I've been crazy busy, but now that I'm back to the usual routine (and bored as ever), I might as well share some things! When I got back to the office, all of the purchases I made before I went overseas were waiting for me on my desk! Yumetenbo purchases, and circle lenses.

I have always wanted to know what I would look like with brown eyes. And whilst contacts allow me to have whatever eye colour I want, I've been weary of brown lenses in the past and have never bought a pair; assuming that they're all designed for darker eyes, that they wouldn't cover my natural blue eyes, and that they wouldn't blend. But I finally bought some. And I'm super happy with the results!

The EOS Fay 3-tone brown lenses are amazing. I got these lenses from MapleLens (along with another pair that I'll share later). They came in a cute little box. I love the boxes that lenses come packed in. They're always so cute.

Depending on the light, you can see a little bit of natural eye colour near my pupil, but I think it blends surprisingly well. My mum was definitely shocked to see me with brown eyes! :P

Natural light + new hair colour! ^_^

Indoor lighting
New year, new hair colour! Feeling left out from the crazy hair colour craze, I dyed my hair a reddy brown. I am fairly certain that bleach would destroy my hair so I'll have to do without candy coloured strands until I decide I want to chop it all off (I can't see that happening.. I want it to grow but it won't!)

Anyway... LENSES!

Comfort: These lenses are really comfortable. I wore them for 8 hours and whilst they were starting to feel a little bit dry, it wasn't bad at all. I also find them really easy to put in (but maybe I'm just getting better at that in general :P).

Design: Really simple design. Whilst they are three tone, they look a uniform colour against my eye. I think that the subtle tones help the brown blend better near my pupil which is great. These lenses are lovely and natural.

Enlargement: These are 14.5mm lenses. There is some enlargement but it is natural and doesn't make you look like a doll. I wouldn't want them any bigger or smaller.

Overall: 10/10
I love these lenses. I think they look quite nice with my new hair colour as well. I really can't think of anything about the lenses that I wish was different so they have to get 10 out of 10. :)

I applied for a diploma of language studies yesterday. I really hope I get in. Just applying has motivated me to practice korean more. Ah well, only time will tell.

Here is a picture of my cat. I think she wants a high five. ♥

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