Friday, 14 August 2015

Style | My Lolita skirts and dresses! (◕‿◕*)

Hi there!
I'm back again to share the contents of my lolita wardrobe so far.
Almost all of these items have been purchased second hand from other lolitas in Australia.
Things that have been purchased new include Bodyline products, Classical Puppets petticoats which are available from an online boutique called Chiffon Rose who are based in Melbourne, and Menuet Bouquet which is my first brand new brand purchase from Angelic Pretty San Francisco. :)
SO! Here is a wardrobe post with links to lolibrary where I could find them!

lolibrary is down at the moment but I'll update this post with links when it is back online. :)

Innocent World - Francois Rose in sax
Haneuli - Royal Kitten in navy
Innocent World - Chelsea skirt

Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Versailles Rose Bouquet in snow fairy.
Angelic Pretty - Menuet Bouquet in mint
Alice and the Pirates - Mermaid Jewellery box in ivory

Angelic Pretty - Eternal Rose Bouquet JSK in purple
Angelic Pretty - Lady Rose JSK in pink
Angelic Pretty - Menuet Bouquet JSK in mint

Innocent World - Arabesque Rose tiered JSK in ivory
Innocent World - Dollhouse in lavender
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Stripes Soda JSK in sax

Angelic Pretty - Rose Afternoon JSK in lavender
Baroque - Sailor dress (2013?)
Bodyline - Squirrel party in lavender

Review - Sailing dress
Innocent World - Revival Sweet Teddybear jsk in black
Baby the Stars Shine Bright - Pink OP

Emily Temple Cute - Rabbit Handkerchief halter/sleeveless OP in lavender
Emily Temple Cute - Chocolatier OP in pink
Emily Temple Cute - Sweets print OP in yellow

Chess Story - Macaron et mademoiselle 
Off brand - floral long OP
Emily Temple Cute - spots and bows JSK

Emily Temple Cute - Hearts OP 
Emily Temple Cute - Teaspoon print JSK in pink

SO! These are the main dresses and skirts in my wardrobe currently.
I've been trying to wear mostly lolita or otome style when I go places because it's fun and I feel so much more confident when I think I look pretty out and about. 

I also have some offbrand blouses, 2 Classical Puppets petticoats, my collection of cardigans, too many pairs of shoes, and a bunch of hair clips and bows. 
Anyway this was a glimpse into my wardrobe. 
I'm still getting rid of the things that I no longer wear. 

As always, thanks for reading and please let me know what you think! 
What dress do you think I should make an outfit post around next?
Stay excellent.

♥ Bec

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Outfit | Backyard squirrel party! ^__^

Hi there! *(^_^)*

Whilst doing yet another wardrobe purge (I honestly don't know how I accumulate clothing so quickly... I might have a problem), I came across the first dress I purchased from Bodyline and realised that I haven't even taken any photos of me wearing it yet!
So I decided to play dress ups and then force my lovely boyfriend to take pictures of me in the backyard. ^__^

Bodyline is loved for its cheap and accessible lolita clothing.
However as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. 
I have certainly read more than a few horror stories of items from online stores arriving and looking nothing like the stock photos. Bodyline is relatively good in terms of what you see on the site is what you get, but I still received a little surprise with this dress...

This image is not reversed.
Yep. Despite the fabric not being reversible, the words in the print have been printed backward.
Not a huge deal because I doubt anyone will put their head close enough to your skirt to read it (and if they do so without asking , they are inviting you to apply your knee to their face region), but it was still amusing to experience Bodyline's infamous stuff-ups first hand. xP


My bike is in the background but I definitely couldn't ride it wearing my petticoat.
 BUT! It does match me in its purpleness. :)

dress & headbow : Bodyline
petticoat : Classical Puppets
shoes :
pearls : from my mum ♥

Anyway thank you for reading and please leave a comment below!
Be well and remember to follow me on Facebook to keep track of my updates.

♥ Bec

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