Friday, 30 August 2013

Outfit | Minty fresh!

Hi everyone. 
I found this photo whilst flicking through my camera and thought I'd share!
(Click to enlarge)

 | dress: Chicwish | shoes: Yumetenbo | headband: Colette by Colette Hayman |

It's crazy how perfectly the colour of these shoes match the dress I recently got from Chicwish. 
I also love this minty colour paired with the pastel orange of my headband. 
The Yumetenbo shoes are sturdy and pretty, but they're a bit too high for me to wear everyday. 
I still love them though. 

♥ Bec

Review | Face Shop Aqua UV CC Cream

After my sort of disappointing experience with The Face Shop's Smart Capsule CC cream (Click here for my review),
I was keen to try one of their other varieties before exploring options from other brands. 
I'm just so forgiving like that. ^_^

When I went to The Face Shop store in Sydney, they did not have this one at all. They did have the Face It Aura CC cream though, which is packaged in the same style, with a handy pump style compact design.
 I had heard that the Aqua UV CC cream was supposed to be much more hydrating than the Smart Capsule.
So I was really excited to try this one!

 (Click images to enlarge)

Click here to view the promo pictures.
Suzy from Miss A did the promotions for this product.
She's so stunning! ^_^

I really like the fact that you can buy refills for this product. Instead of buying a whole new product, you simply buy a cartridge that you insert into the base of the compact. This is good news because it saves on materials and cost (theoretically at least; I can't find anywhere that stocks the refill cartridges online for the Aqua UV CC cream, only the Aura).

First up, this is a huge improvement from the Smart Capsule CC cream in terms of how it settles on my skin.
Whilst the Smart Capsule became quite flaky and made my skin look old and dry, this one makes my skin look dewy and smooth. As opposed to the Smart Capsule CC cream which is only available in one colour, is white and becomes coloured upon blending, the Aqua UV is available in #1 Radiant/Bright Beige, or #2 Natural Beige.
I bought it in colour #1.

1.5-2 pumps releases enough cream to get decent coverage on my face. I use the puff that comes with the compact to lightly tap the cream onto my face. This is different from what I'm used to in terms of applying face creams, as I usually blend with my fingers.

However the tapping method provides more even coverage.
As an experiment, I applied the cream with my fingertips in a blending motion, and the texture left on my skin was uneven. So definitely use a makeup puff and tapping motion, rather than blending.

 I always use a moisturising night cream after cleansing my face and before applying CC cream.
My skin is quite dry during the colder months, so I've begun using night cream in the morning and evening.

Because this CC cream is SPF 50, I don't need to use a moisturiser with SPF in it in the morning.
After application, this CC cream leaves a dewy texture. However this only lasts a little while, as once the cream settles it has a semi-matte finish.



 left hand side with, right hand side without

 Whilst I don't quite know what they mean by the fact that it contains "plantwater" (I'm guessing water from plants but I don't know how that is superior to regular water), the cream is quite cooling on the skin.

I've been wearing this CC cream most days since I got it. And I have to say that I really love it.
Also, I'm fairly confident that my skin texture has improved greatly since I began using it.

My only complaint is that the UV CC Cream is only 20mL.
I am hoping this lasts me a while because I want to use it everyday! :P

with makeup

with lenses and dry hair :P

This CC cream is much better than the smart capsule variety in my opinion.
The texture is much nicer and improves my complexion a lot.
I have reused the smart capsule CC cream since my initial review.
I have found it better, but the Aqua UV CC Cream is far better.

I hope you liked my review!
Thanks for reading.
Keep smiling! (^_^)

♥ Bec

Friday, 16 August 2013

Review | GEO Xtra WTA55 Grey Lens

Hi everybody!
I've already shared a couple of images of me wearing these lenses in previous posts, 
but felt I should give a proper review and provide some comparison pictures!
It's been a while since I've reviewed any lenses, but I will have some new ones coming soon as well!

I bought these lenses from Uniqso, who are currently celebrating their 2nd anniversary!
I prefer to buy from Uniqso because they provide excellent advice and customer service.

Photo from my last outfit post!

I bought f(x)'s new album, Pink Tape. It's such a great album!!!
I love every single song and the packaging is so cute. Korea really know how to package their music.


Obligatory Sass cuddle photo.
I can't resist snapping photos of us hanging out using Photobooth on my computer. ^_^

GEO Xtra Review

Colour & Design
The colour and design of these is wonderful. Great for those with grey or light blue eyes. I think they would work really well with hazel or green eyes as well.

The enlargement of these is great! The colour on the edges blends into the grey colouring of the lens a bit so there isn't too harsh an edge (such as on the Candy Eye grey lenses). This provides extra enlargement without looking too crazy alien.

Today I wore these lenses from 9am - 3pm. That's around 7 hours, which is when they started to feel a bit dry. I probably could have applied eye drops and worn them for longer though. So these are relatively comfortable. Especially given their larger diameter. These are as comfortable, or possibly more comfortable than the EOS puffy 3 tone grey lenses, which are only 14.5mm. So that's pretty excellent.

Diameter: 15mm
Base curve: 8.7
Water Content: 38%

Click here to look at other GEO brand lenses.

Indoor lighting
Outdoor lighting / comparison

The verdict

These lenses are a good balance of natural and dramatic. The colour compliments my natural eye colour and blends well. The darker limbal ring creates quite a lot of enlargement, but detracts from the naturalness of the lenses. They definitely give your eyes a dolly like look, without making you look too alien.

These lenses are my new favourite grey pair. Granted, I haven't tried THAT many but these are the biggest and most comfortable I've tried. I really like them and they've re-sparked my love of lenses.

These lenses get a 10/10!

 YAY! Well I hope you liked this post.
Stay tuned for some new lens reviews and other beauty product reviews coming soon.
Feel free to Like my Facebook page to keep up to date with new posts.
Keep smiling everyone!

♥ Bec

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Uniqso competition + EOS Fay Brown lenses

As a part of their second anniversary celebration, Uniqso are holding a photo competition!
The major prize is a Hello Kitty Instax camera, and there are also circle lenses and store credit vouchers to be won.

I entered the competition with a recent photo of me  wearing the EOS Fay 3-tone brown lenses. 
These are still one of my favourite pairs as they are natural looking but still really enlarging.
And they even blend really well with my grey-blue eyes. 
It would be really cool if you guys could head the competition page and click vote for me. 

Just click this image to go to the competition and click the vote button!

Thanks for your support and as always, take care of yourselves!

♥ Bec

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Outfit | Yumetenbo dress + my lucky cardigan

Hello everyone! ^_^

For ages I've been meaning to share photos and thoughts on the items I've bought from Yumetenbo/Dreamv. 
It's already clear that I love their colourful heels, but I also have dresses from their store and their lovely!

The quality is decent for the price ($30). The lining under the lace is quite sheer, so I have to wear a singlet but that's no trouble as I do most days anyway. The little pearly gold buttons and the peter pan collar both make this a very feminine, cutesy dress. I may need to resew the buttons in the future as they're coming a bit loose. The skirt has a lining and is light and flouncy. Sometimes I wear a petticoat underneath, especially if it's a windy day. 

When buying from Yumetenbo, it's the shipping that hits your wallet hardest. 
The only shipping option is EMS and shipping cost is based on the cost of your order. shipping is 1575 yen for every 5250 yen you spend. If your order is 5251 yen, you pay 3150 yen for shipping. Nasty, right? 

For sizing, the lovely Karisa at ciramisu has a really good guide to shopping with Yumetenbo, which includes translations of the sizing guides. I have it bookmarked so I can double check everything before I place an order. 

The colour I purchased was called sax flower.
Sax usually refers to the light blue items (sometimes also called soda depending on the brand). Sometimes the translation on the Rakuten global site isn't very good.  If you're worried or confused, the styles in the list are usually in the same order as they are in the colour&detail photo.

Also I'm really pleased that this dress looks just as good in real life as it does in the promo photos.
I hate it when promo shots lie to you! :P

This dress comes in 11 different colours, so making a decision on which skirt I wanted was almost impossible! 
Luckily, I got some help from some of my friends. I sort of made them pick for me! The runner up was the blue polka dots.

Wah I want all of the colours! T_T

This here is my lucky cardigan!! 
The story of how it came to be mine is a bit embarrassing, but awesome at the same time. 
In general, I'm a bit of a rummager. Around my neighbourhood, people will put old books, fabric cuttings, cushions, bookshelves... Honestly everything you can even think of. My sister is possibly starting a blog dedicated to the things that she finds and re-utilises from the street. 

Anyway, recently I spotted a big cardboard box full of woolen sweaters and cardigans on the side of the road. 
My boyfriend stood patiently as I dug through this box. I guess he's used to it now.
But then a guy comes out of a house and yells "wait wait! I'm not throwing those out! I'm moving in!" 

I felt so bad and apologised a ton. He said it was fine (and that he'd probably have done the same thing). I complimented him on the red cardigan that I was about to steal from him and he responded with "you know... I never actually wear that anymore. Would you like to keep it?"

So a complete stranger forgave me for almost stealing his things, and then gifted me an amazing cardigan. 
Crazy story, right? I love how bright the colour is and it's all loose and cozy. ^_^

AND I even found a four leaved clover whilst wearing my lucky cardigan and taking these photos in my backyard!
I'm not sure how luck works, but I'd like to transfer its lucky powers to you: my lovely readers. 

 Snuggly times with my curious assistant. 
I had my camera propped on a chair and was using a shutter release remote (I hope I get better at hiding it in the actual photos.. oops!). Of course my darling Sassafrass got curious about the shutter sounds and decided to put her tiny furry face right in front of the camera. So I scooped her up for a cuddle. 
She's too cute sometimes. ^_^ 

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this post! 
I'm still new to the game and would love some feedback. 
Take care of yourselves and keep smiling. 

♥ Bec 

(Click here for my previous post about Yumetenbo)

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Upcoming reviews!

Hi everyone! 
I've been super busy with crazy life things and uni on top of that. 
But I will have some exciting new reviews for you soon. 
I was really excited to receive these products in the mail and can't wait to share my thoughts on them with you. 
So here's a little preview of what's coming your way!

Etude House Wonder Pore corrector
New favourite step in my skin care routine.
The Face Shop Aqua UV CC Cream
I wanted to try one of TFS's other CC creams after being disappointed with Smart Capsule. 
Suzy did promos for this product! But I promise that's not the only reason I bought it. ;P


Etude House Dream Girls Cute Eyes Maker
Create aegyo sal easily for a cute look
I'll explain what that means in my review! ◠‿◠
 GEO Xtra WTA55 Grey circle lenses
 These lenses are from Uniqso and are possibly my new favourite! 
Natural, comfortable, but big!

All of the beauty products that I bought were quite cheap from eBay store, f2plus1
They are based in Korea and sell a ton of different Korean beauty brands. 
Shipping was free and fast, and I'm definitely buying from them again.

I hope to have the first of the reviews out early next week.
Oh an I also have an outfit post planned! 
One of the items has a pretty bizarre story attached to it. 
So watch this space! And please take care of yourselves. 

♥ Bec
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