Sunday, 22 September 2013

안녕! / Procrastination

한 동안 이야기 못 했어요.
내일에 시험이 있어서 오늘에 열심히 공부해야 돼요.
어제 밤 잘 못 잤기 때문에 정말 피곤해요. 일요일이기 SBS PopAsia는 테레비전에 있어요.
한국어 노래들하고 일본 노래도 좋아해요. 소녀시대를 존경해요.
한국어를 1년만 동안 배웠어요. 그런데 최선을 다할게요.
행운을 빌이주세요!
Hopefully this is what I just wrote:
I haven't spoken in a while.
Tomorrow I have an exam, so today I must study hard.
Because I didn't sleep well last night, I am really tired.
It's a Sunday, so SBS PopAsia is on television.
I like Korean songs and Japanese songs too. I admire Girls Generation.
It has only been 1 year that I have been learning Korean. But I'll try my best.
Please wish me luck! 
If that's not what it means, and I just wrote a bunch of Korean jibberish, I can't see myself doing well tomorrow.
I will have new posts soon. I have just hit a bit of a low point. Also, I'm heading to Korea in about a month!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Review | Beuberry Natural Grey Lens

 Hi again everyone! 
I guess I got excited about these lenses, last night's fiasco (R.I.P. left puffy green lens) :'(
But this morning I put my Beuberry Natural Grey lenses in, and I am really impressed.

This is my first time trying Beuberry lenses. I got them in my package from Uniqso.
I think they are almost identical to the GEO Xtra Grey, but maybe slightly less dramatic. 

I'm definitely going to put these back into their lens case A LOT more carefully than I did with my Barbie Puffy 3 tone greens. I'm still very upset with myself for wrecking them. 
But these lenses have got me all excited because they are excellent as well!

|  Just painted my nails! ^__^  |
 They are INCREDIBLY comfortable. The most comfortable big lenses I've worn so far. 
Despite being 16mm in diameter, I've been wearing the lenses for 8 hours already and am experiencing almost no discomfort (that said, I should probably take them out soon).

If I had one complaint about these lenses, it's that they're TOO comfortable
I keep forgetting I'm wearing them!  ; )

|  This was on my way to work. I obviously just woke up. Baggy eyes. (-__-')  |

Honestly though, I can't fault these lenses on anything. 
The design is perfect for my grey-blue eyes and they are quite natural looking whilst still being really enlarging. I definitely recommend these lenses to anyone wanting to give some larger lenses a try! Especially if you're prone to dry eyes, because these are a very comfortable 16mm lens.

They're great for those with lighter coloured eyes. It seems like these were almost designed with lighter coloured eyes in mind. Which is nice, as it seems like most are designed especially for darker eye colours (that makes sense of course, since they're made in Asia).

I love love looove these lenses!

Close up / Comparisons 

|  Both lenses in!  |

 |  Comparison of my normal eye and my eye with Beuberry lenses  |

 | GEO Xtra lens     |     Beuberry Natural lens |

Above is a comparison between the GEO Xtra WTA55, and the Beuberry Natural Grey.
In terms of aesthetics, the difference between these lenses is barely noticeable.
I think that the GEO Xtra look an itty bitty bit bigger, and in terms of design, GEO use lines going inward from the limbal ring, whereas Beuberry use a ring of fading pixels.
Both blend well with my natural eyes, but I do think that the Beuberry's are less dramatic.

|  bows, hearts, and kitty cats  |

Hooray! I'm excited to try my last pair of new lenses from my package. :D
Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!
Let me know what you think in a comment, or head over to my Facebook page!
I've got a Korean speaking test today, so I better go practice!
잂어서 감사합니다!

♥ Bec

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review | Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Green Lens

Hi again.
So this is an initial review with a longer review coming later because I'm a big dummy.
This afternoon I got home and was excited to try on my new lenses - especially the Barbie Puffy 3 tones.
 And I love them. 

With flash

I'm sad though. Because I love them so much. But I ruined them as soon as I took them out!! 
The left lens got caught in the lid of the lens case and I didn't notice, so I started screwing the lid on. 
And I shredded it! I'm really bummed. 
I didn't even get a good full face photo with them in! 

Without flash
Anyway, I think you can buy a single lens from Uniqso. 
So at least I can replace the lens that I destroyed instead of buying another set  
I'm definitely going to be more careful from now on. 

What do you think of these lenses?
I really love the colour and how enlarging they are.
The design works really well with my natural eye colour.
But I couldn't find out how comfortable they were/how long I could wear them without getting dry eyes. 
Because I didn't get to wear them for very long. AH I'm still so upset. T_T
I'll update this post once I've received my replacement lens. 
Thanks for reading guys! 

♥ Bec

Upcoming Lens Reviews

Hi everyone!
I just picked up my latest purchase from Uniqso!
And as always, I'm really excited to try all my new lenses. The reviews will be posted over the next couple of weeks.
I have them soaking in solution at the moment... I wish I didn't have to wait!! >_<

It came with these which each contain a pair of rubber tipped tweezers, lens case, mirror, and a lens remover. I've never used a lens remover before, and to be honest I think it might be harder to use the stick than my fingers. But I'll give it a try anyway. For science! ;P

|  Aussie flag for an Aussie customer  |  Pandas because everyone loves pandas.  |

It's always a lovely surprise when I open my packages from Uniqso and see the gifts they've left for me.
They really are so lovely. (^_^)
Keep smiling, and stay tuned for these lens reviews!
 ♥ Bec

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