Sunday, 22 September 2013

안녕! / Procrastination

한 동안 이야기 못 했어요.
내일에 시험이 있어서 오늘에 열심히 공부해야 돼요.
어제 밤 잘 못 잤기 때문에 정말 피곤해요. 일요일이기 SBS PopAsia는 테레비전에 있어요.
한국어 노래들하고 일본 노래도 좋아해요. 소녀시대를 존경해요.
한국어를 1년만 동안 배웠어요. 그런데 최선을 다할게요.
행운을 빌이주세요!
Hopefully this is what I just wrote:
I haven't spoken in a while.
Tomorrow I have an exam, so today I must study hard.
Because I didn't sleep well last night, I am really tired.
It's a Sunday, so SBS PopAsia is on television.
I like Korean songs and Japanese songs too. I admire Girls Generation.
It has only been 1 year that I have been learning Korean. But I'll try my best.
Please wish me luck! 
If that's not what it means, and I just wrote a bunch of Korean jibberish, I can't see myself doing well tomorrow.
I will have new posts soon. I have just hit a bit of a low point. Also, I'm heading to Korea in about a month!

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