Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Style | My first lolita meetups and outfits

Hi there! :D

It has been more than a while now since I posted anything, but I wanted to share some updates about my life and my new passions!
Firstly, I feel like this blog will take a new direction from here.
So while I know there's no shortage of J-fashion and lolita/otome fashion blogs, Paper Trailing is heading in that direction as late last year I started to realise that lolita was right up my alley! 
I remember my sister telling me that I was one frill away from being lolita anyway, so I took the plunge and started to build a bit of a starting collection. 

me with some of the girls from Sydney Lolita 
I joined the Sydney Lolita community and got a chance to meet veteran and newbie lolitas alike. Everyone was so damn lovely and it is great fun to go along to meet ups and sit around eating homemade treats in the botanical gardens or whatever activity is planned.
Here are some photos from a summer picnic with some members of the Sydney Lolita Club (it was a 45 degree day and I felt like I was actually going to pass out, but it was lovely all the same).

before I sweated off my makeup and began to overheat in my petti. =P

Whilst I didn't have any proper lolita coordinates before my third meetup, I still worked with what I had available to me and I definitely found that some imagination can help you find lolita-esque items in your wardrobe. 
Typically dresses or skirts that can accommodate a petticoat will be suitable to get an idea of how you would look in lolita garb. :)

My first meetup was before I had any lolita clothing, but I had received my petticoat in the mail so I turned one of my regular dresses into a lolita-esque dress and added some accessories.

My blouse was from Bodyline, an offbrand/cheaper lolita brand from Japan, and my sail boat dress is from Review. And of course I'm wearing circle lenses here too. ^_^

People were really welcoming and while I was expecting a bit of snootiness about my outfit not being "real lolita", I received nothing but compliments on my efforts to fit the nautical theme. What I took from this, is that people aren't as judgemental as you worry they will be... so give it a go!!

Oh and the event organiser made cute little badges for everyone to wear! You can maybe see the little skull with an eye patch on my dress. ^_^ 

and my second meetup....
Dress is Eternal Rose Bouquet JSK by Angelic Pretty ; 
Shoes are Biba mary janes from Golden Ponies

My second meetup was lunch at an Italian restaurant before a trip to the Art Gallery of NSW. Unfortunately I had to skip the gallery but one of the girls snapped a photo of me before I bopped on the train.

I had just received this dress, my first Angelic Pretty dress, but didn't have any blouses to wear it over.
Depending on who you speak to, wearing a jumperskirt (JSK) without a blouse is a faux pas. 
But I dunno how many of those people live in Australia. IT GETS HOT HERE, OKAY?! ^__~*

Okay I'm done for now. 
I'll be posting soon about what's in my wardrobe and the websites I have used so far. 

Please let me know what you think of this post!! 
I'd love to know what you think of my rambly posting style. 
Be well! ^_^

♥ Bec


  1. omg, everyone's dresses look so awesome!! c: Question: what does "real lolita" mean? and that sail boat dress is the cutest thing ever. c:
    Missed your posts, Bec! :o
    Junniku blog!

    1. Hi June!
      I think what I mean by real lolita is that they come from typical lolita clothing stores. There are many Japanese brands that pioneered the lolita style, alongside overseas and independent brands that sell the style also.
      But I was probably just being nervous and expected everyone to judge me for not having an outfit made up of these set brands, but I realise I was just being silly. Besides, there probably isn't such a thing as "real lolita" as styles evolve and change so often. I was just being anxious before my first meet up cause I'm not great at meeting new people. :D
      Thanks for still reading. ^__^
      ♥ Bec

  2. May I ask how did you join the community? Also there was a girl in a blue op I was wondering her age because I'm 13 and I think I'm too young :/

    1. Hi Shiro!
      I joined the community by first joining the Facebook group. Just a simple search will usually find a community group for your area. It took a little while before I had the courage to go to a meetup, but I was glad that I did! I made a bunch of friends. :)
      And that's May! She is 13 as well!!
      I don't think you're too young to get involved but a lot of the clothes are quite expensive, so you may need to save up or buy cheaper things second hand! You also might have trouble fitting into some of the dresses as they tend to be designed for older people, but you can always make alterations or purchase pieces that have corset lacing.
      Thanks for commenting!! Let me know if you want any other advice. I'm not a lolita master, but I'm happy to answer questions as best as I can. =D

      ♥ Bec

    2. Oh cool, perfect. Shame I can't have facebook. Oh well maybe I can use someone elses or something. I have three main pieces so far.

    3. I also have tumblr and I'm allowed an Instagram.. The struggles of being a young lolita


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