Monday, 14 July 2014

Outfit | Liz Lisa Mermaid Floral Suspender Skirt! ^__^

Hi everyone! 
Recently I bought some Liz Lisa items from eBay! The seller was RobotKitty and shipping was crazy fast.
The items were shipped from Australia so I'd recommend RobotKitty to any Australian J-Fashion fans.

I basically wear these gold shoes with every outfit ever. 
Always feel a bit dumb posing in the yard like a dorkus. 
But I hope you like these snaps! 
The skirt is from the 2014 Spring/Summer Liz Lisa range. 

Recently I bought The Hunger Games in Korean! It's been really hard so far but it's good practice!!
I also got this MockingJay pin while I was at Supanova. ^__^
OH! And the gold bow in my hair is from Supanova as well! 

I bought a cute dress with this skirt as well and will post photos of that when I get a chance. 
Stay wonderful! 

♥ Bec (& Sass)


  1. I love the skirt, and your outfit is nice!
    I wish I could pull off J-fashion ><, but I think it would make me look too young OTL.

  2. Aaah from Sydney?? ^ - ^
    I am a blogger from Sydney who loves Liz Lisa too! ^ w ^
    Followed~ ^ u ^

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog :]
    Daiso really is great ^_^

    I love your outfit! I've always loved the clothes Liz Lisa puts out, florals are the best print ever in my opinion!
    It's so cool that you're also a Hunger Games fan :]


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