Saturday, 12 July 2014

Life | Supanova Sydney 2014!!

Hi again everyone!!
It was a little while ago now (I don't know how long ago because time is an illusion and I can't keep track of anything) but my housemate, Josh, and I went to Supanova at Sydney Showground! 
I didn't take photos because I only had my phone and it was too dark to get any good snaps, but I have a few Supanova related photos to share. ^__^

As always they're all of me because LOOK AT ME. 

Dorky photo of Josh and me before we head inside! :D
Bonus shot of my beautiful braces *sarcasm* -_-

Photo that someone at the Superhero Comics stand snapped of me. 
I had literally just woken up when Josh asked me to come with him.

My dress is from Yumetenbo. ^__^
I'll try and post some outfit photos of all my new purchases soon. 

Me rocking my new headphones!!!

Any Adventure Time fans reading this?
I bought these from one of the stalls at Supanova because they were just too cute:
Lady Rainicorn headphones!!!

They actually sound really good and they add a great splash of colour to anything I'm wearing. 
The cord is ridiculously long though which gets kind of annoying. 
BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE! Also Lady speaks Korean so that's kinda relevant to my studies. 

Anyway. Not hugely Supanova related but figured I'd share anyway. 
Hope you're all well!

♥ Bec

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