Friday, 11 July 2014

Review | Arda wigs; Jane wig in Spanish brown

I'm finally back with a brief review of the wigs I bought recently! 
I found some recommendations for Arda wigs and was excited to see how they lived up to their hype!
I'm really really pleased with both of the wigs I purchased; Greta wig in Mahogany (will review later) and Jane wig in Spanish brown

 The colour has a lot more red in it than I was expecting but I actually love the red-brown colour. 
It goes well with my skin tone. The synthetic hair doesn't look overly shiny and doesn't have the "wiggy" look that so often plagues synthetic fibres. 

The hair can be heated up to 220 degrees Celsius, but I imagine that this one wouldn't handle straightening very well given its natural curl.

The wig is really comfy with 2 hooks at the back to secure it onto your noggin. :)
I'm lucky it's cold at the moment because wearing a wig sure warms your head up!! 
It was tricky to squeeze this hat on whilst wearing a wig due to the added bulk, but it really suits a cute bowler hat or little bow clipped to the side. ^__^

Really pleased with the wigs I got from Arda wigs. 
Shipping was fast, the products are good quality, the price is really reasonable.
Highly recommend them for all your wiggy needs!!

♥ Bec

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