Monday, 14 July 2014

Outfit | Liz Lisa Mermaid Floral Suspender Skirt! ^__^

Hi everyone! 
Recently I bought some Liz Lisa items from eBay! The seller was RobotKitty and shipping was crazy fast.
The items were shipped from Australia so I'd recommend RobotKitty to any Australian J-Fashion fans.

I basically wear these gold shoes with every outfit ever. 
Always feel a bit dumb posing in the yard like a dorkus. 
But I hope you like these snaps! 
The skirt is from the 2014 Spring/Summer Liz Lisa range. 

Recently I bought The Hunger Games in Korean! It's been really hard so far but it's good practice!!
I also got this MockingJay pin while I was at Supanova. ^__^
OH! And the gold bow in my hair is from Supanova as well! 

I bought a cute dress with this skirt as well and will post photos of that when I get a chance. 
Stay wonderful! 

♥ Bec (& Sass)

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Life | Supanova Sydney 2014!!

Hi again everyone!!
It was a little while ago now (I don't know how long ago because time is an illusion and I can't keep track of anything) but my housemate, Josh, and I went to Supanova at Sydney Showground! 
I didn't take photos because I only had my phone and it was too dark to get any good snaps, but I have a few Supanova related photos to share. ^__^

As always they're all of me because LOOK AT ME. 

Dorky photo of Josh and me before we head inside! :D
Bonus shot of my beautiful braces *sarcasm* -_-

Photo that someone at the Superhero Comics stand snapped of me. 
I had literally just woken up when Josh asked me to come with him.

My dress is from Yumetenbo. ^__^
I'll try and post some outfit photos of all my new purchases soon. 

Me rocking my new headphones!!!

Any Adventure Time fans reading this?
I bought these from one of the stalls at Supanova because they were just too cute:
Lady Rainicorn headphones!!!

They actually sound really good and they add a great splash of colour to anything I'm wearing. 
The cord is ridiculously long though which gets kind of annoying. 
BUT THEY'RE SO CUTE! Also Lady speaks Korean so that's kinda relevant to my studies. 

Anyway. Not hugely Supanova related but figured I'd share anyway. 
Hope you're all well!

♥ Bec

Friday, 11 July 2014

Review | Arda wigs; Jane wig in Spanish brown

I'm finally back with a brief review of the wigs I bought recently! 
I found some recommendations for Arda wigs and was excited to see how they lived up to their hype!
I'm really really pleased with both of the wigs I purchased; Greta wig in Mahogany (will review later) and Jane wig in Spanish brown

 The colour has a lot more red in it than I was expecting but I actually love the red-brown colour. 
It goes well with my skin tone. The synthetic hair doesn't look overly shiny and doesn't have the "wiggy" look that so often plagues synthetic fibres. 

The hair can be heated up to 220 degrees Celsius, but I imagine that this one wouldn't handle straightening very well given its natural curl.

The wig is really comfy with 2 hooks at the back to secure it onto your noggin. :)
I'm lucky it's cold at the moment because wearing a wig sure warms your head up!! 
It was tricky to squeeze this hat on whilst wearing a wig due to the added bulk, but it really suits a cute bowler hat or little bow clipped to the side. ^__^

Really pleased with the wigs I got from Arda wigs. 
Shipping was fast, the products are good quality, the price is really reasonable.
Highly recommend them for all your wiggy needs!!

♥ Bec

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review | Dolly Wink Natural Cute lashes in #14 + Gloss Cosmetic lashes

Hi everyone! 
As always, it's been too long since my last post.
The other night I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with my sister.
It was so so so much fun. I can't even explain how energetic and exciting it was.
Anyway, I had so much fun doing my makeup before the show (and I wish I'd taken photos of my dress).
So here are some photos and a list of products I used. ^_^

Products I used:
Dolly Wink Natural Cute lashes in #14 natural cute
Gloss Cosmetic lashes (top)
I.Fairy Keizen Blue lenses
Tony Moly Crystal Lovely Eyes in Gold beam
Koji line queen eyeliner in deep black
Australis white eyeliner pencil
The Face Shop Aqua CC Cream

(I stupidly didn't take close up photos until AFTER the concert so my face was sweaty)
The other photos are on my phone so I'll post more photos later.


aaaand here are some
dorky photos of me posing. click for bigger pictures!

♥ Bec

P.S. Does anyone have tumblr? I just got one. Please follow me!!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review | GEO Berry Holic Aqua lenses

Hi everyone! ^__^
I'm not going to bother apologising for my lack of blogging, because I realise that it's how I start almost every single post. And if you follow my blog (all 30 of you) then you already know that I'm as unreliable as they come. Quit yo' belly aching! I'm a busy lady (sorta).

my face (feat. GEO berry holic aqua lenses)
Anyway, I ordered my first pair of lenses from Pinky Paradise, the Berry Holic Aqua lenses.
Unfortunately, one of the lenses was damaged in such a way that I couldn't have known before opening the vial. The left lens (I think it's the left, although they're pretty interchangeable) had a TINY scratch near the inner coloured section. Barely noticeable, but in my eye it felt like knives.

this is what the lenses look like
 I can't even express how wonderful Pinky Paradise's customer service team are. 
I wrote an email, received a form asking for details of the fault, and within 48 hours they had assured me that they will send a replacement for the faulty lens. 
Which is an incredible turn around. 

Close-up + Comparison
I shouldn't have left them in my eyes for as long as I did, but y'know... Reckless.
So I have some pictures already of how they look in my eyeballs. 
Will post more photos when I receive the replacement lens.

without + with lens
I like these lenses a lot cause they're pretty natural.
They just enhance/enlarge my natural eyes, which is what I look for in an everyday lens.
The enlargement is impressive for lenses that are only 14.2mm in diameter.
Hmm. I guess I'll add more things when I get the other lens, but that's all I have to say for now.
But thanks for stopping by. As thanks, here's a nice picture I took recently of a tree near my house (feat. moon):

I won't lie to you and say that I'll be posting more frequently. 
But I hope everyone is well! 
Take care

♥ Bec
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