Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Review | GEO Berry Holic Aqua lenses

Hi everyone! ^__^
I'm not going to bother apologising for my lack of blogging, because I realise that it's how I start almost every single post. And if you follow my blog (all 30 of you) then you already know that I'm as unreliable as they come. Quit yo' belly aching! I'm a busy lady (sorta).

my face (feat. GEO berry holic aqua lenses)
Anyway, I ordered my first pair of lenses from Pinky Paradise, the Berry Holic Aqua lenses.
Unfortunately, one of the lenses was damaged in such a way that I couldn't have known before opening the vial. The left lens (I think it's the left, although they're pretty interchangeable) had a TINY scratch near the inner coloured section. Barely noticeable, but in my eye it felt like knives.

this is what the lenses look like
 I can't even express how wonderful Pinky Paradise's customer service team are. 
I wrote an email, received a form asking for details of the fault, and within 48 hours they had assured me that they will send a replacement for the faulty lens. 
Which is an incredible turn around. 

Close-up + Comparison
I shouldn't have left them in my eyes for as long as I did, but y'know... Reckless.
So I have some pictures already of how they look in my eyeballs. 
Will post more photos when I receive the replacement lens.

without + with lens
I like these lenses a lot cause they're pretty natural.
They just enhance/enlarge my natural eyes, which is what I look for in an everyday lens.
The enlargement is impressive for lenses that are only 14.2mm in diameter.
Hmm. I guess I'll add more things when I get the other lens, but that's all I have to say for now.
But thanks for stopping by. As thanks, here's a nice picture I took recently of a tree near my house (feat. moon):

I won't lie to you and say that I'll be posting more frequently. 
But I hope everyone is well! 
Take care

♥ Bec


  1. Hey, Bec! Glad to see you updated your bloggie, hehe. (Your first paragraph is basically how I start all of my blog posts these days...). These lenses look great on you, and it was so nice of PP to give you a replacement lens! (All stores should do that, but I know a few that won't... meh.) Thanks for the review, I can see the natural enlargement, and it looks very nice on you! ^^

  2. love your contacts! I've always wanted color ones to play with. so pretty! http://makeupmajesty.blogspot.com

  3. I love how natural these lenses look. They are like your own eyes, but better. That's pretty bad that the lens came scratched, but great of the store that they immediately offered replacement!


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