Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Life | My trip to Seoul!

Hi everyone! 
It's been ages, and for that I'm sorry. It's nearly Christmas!!
I went to Seoul a little while ago! I stayed in Hongdae at Miso guesthouse.
I had the best time ever. I can't wait to go back again! I got to practice my Korean and eat so much delicious food. Anyway, I figured I'd post some photos from my trip.


At Jogyesa temple


Cute hearts with messages.

Such beautiful flower gardens and arrangements!

Sneaky selfie! ^_^

These guys were too cute. ^_^

Autumn leaves ♥

Hehe! This was my friend Mel who I traveled with for 3 of the 7 days I was there.

Lanes in Insadong

Whilst in Insadong we got dressed in hanbok (traditional Korean dress) and took purakura photos!

I walked to the cable car from Myeongdong. I was exhausted, but got to rest whilst I stood in line (for what felt like FOREVER! Seriously the line was ridiculous).
On my last day I got the cable car to Namsan Tower!

The (smoggy) view from the cable car.

Squeeee I love the autumn leaves so much.

I got really tired so I didn't end up going to the top of the tower (I did it last time I was in Seoul anyway).

Love locks! ♥

 The streets around Hongdae were so busy and colourful during the nighttime! I had so much fun wandering and shopping and exploring.

 Very different during the day. =P

We had some sugar cane juice from a street vendor. It was so sweet! And served in a bag!

 I'm a butterfly. Duh. =P

 Budae jjigae for breakfast!!


All of the neon lights. ^_^

The shops at Idae were really cute! Idae is also called Ehwa Women's University.
There's lots of cute shopping for girls around there.



 Lotte department store (SO HUGE!!)

 Lotte Young

Delicious mandu soup thing that we had. Omg I couldn't finish it though. So much food!

 My favs.

 Disney papercrafts!

OOF! I love this guy so much. Kim Soo-hyun! ♥
He was everywhere in the subway. =P

We went to Dongdaemun to explore and buy some presents/cheap clothes.
Oh, the night before we had bought matching heart jumpers so we couple dressed. =P
We went to Goodmorning city and Doota. Both are a bit like indoor markets and it's easy to get ripped off. Haggling is a must because they'll try to charge you WAY too much.

Wearing Dolly Eye Crystal.i hazel lenses.

Yuuuuuuum! Had a chat to a boy. He couldn't speak any English so we didn't get very far with the conversation. =P

Magkeolli and fried chicken!!
After this we went to a jimjilbang. Even though it was past midnight. It was so relaxing though!
And we paid for ahjumma to give us body scrubs. My skin felt SO SMOOTH!!

Fried foods for breakfast with ahjumma.
More Hongdae (with Amy)
After my friend Mel left to stay with her friend, I met up with Amy. W
e met through the internet and she took me to I love Nature cafe! There was a drama filmed there. And there were sheep?? But oh gosh the waffles we had were so delicious!! 

 Sheep... Obviously.

Amy and me! ^_^

 Then we went to a cute cafe called Lunami that was hidden in a backstreet in Hongdae.
(I was lucky to have a tour guide =P )

Oooo! We walked past Coffee Prince cafe as well!! I really like that drama. =P

 Cheongyecheon/Lantern festival! 
I met Amy and her friend Erica and we went to Cheongyecheon to see the lantern festival!
But first we went to Bulgogi Brothers for some delicious bibimbap. 

Waiting for our bibimbaps!

 Then we went to the lantern festival!
Unfortunately, none of my photos of the lanterns really turned out very well. :(

Blurry Amy. It was so busy so standing still to take a photo was kind of hard. =\

It was stupid cold so we went to a cafe for some toasty drinks.

Warming up with some hot drinks. ^_^


So if you follow my blog or know me even a little bit, you probably know that I love cats. So I couldn't resist going to a cat cafe (or two).

This guy was napping on the front counter. He was so soft!

Cutest sign.

 This cutie had no fur and was wearing a little coat. He was kind of... odd.
But he sat on our laps and posed for photos with us. ^_^

 (Our eyes look weird)

Sleepy kitty.

 Ahaha! Okay this post was stupidly long. But I wanted to share my trip to Seoul with you.
I'll post a list and my thoughts on all of the cosmetics/beauty products that I bought whilst I was over there.
I bought sooooo many things. =P
 This was only one day worth of shopping as well!
I nearly had to pay extra baggage on my way home. OOPS!

Anyway, I hope you liked some of my pictures. Sorry it was so long. I just couldn't stop. 
Merry Christmas to you all! 
Stay safe!

♥ Bec


  1. Oh my gosh..the pictures are beautiful and looks like you had a fabulous time!!

    1. Hi Nikki!
      I seriously had so much fun. :) I can't wait to go back.
      Glad you liked my pics. Thanks for looking.
      ♥ Bec

  2. Whoaaa~
    Bec unnie, looked like you had a fantastic time in Seoul! ^^
    I want to go now.. TT.TT
    Great pictures! :DD

    - Suji ♥


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