Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Review | Barbie Puffy 3 Tone Green Lens

Hi again.
So this is an initial review with a longer review coming later because I'm a big dummy.
This afternoon I got home and was excited to try on my new lenses - especially the Barbie Puffy 3 tones.
 And I love them. 

With flash

I'm sad though. Because I love them so much. But I ruined them as soon as I took them out!! 
The left lens got caught in the lid of the lens case and I didn't notice, so I started screwing the lid on. 
And I shredded it! I'm really bummed. 
I didn't even get a good full face photo with them in! 

Without flash
Anyway, I think you can buy a single lens from Uniqso. 
So at least I can replace the lens that I destroyed instead of buying another set  
I'm definitely going to be more careful from now on. 

What do you think of these lenses?
I really love the colour and how enlarging they are.
The design works really well with my natural eye colour.
But I couldn't find out how comfortable they were/how long I could wear them without getting dry eyes. 
Because I didn't get to wear them for very long. AH I'm still so upset. T_T
I'll update this post once I've received my replacement lens. 
Thanks for reading guys! 

♥ Bec


  1. Oooo they look so cute...so sorry to hear what happened to them...R.I.P cute lenses! :(
    Well you still got the other two..waiting to see how they come out! :D

  2. Noo! D: It's such a bummer that they ripped. ;n; These lenses are super cute, can't wait to see the full review (and the review for the other two)! I'm jealous that you look normal with these lenses - the puffy 3 tones make me look alien. *-* They're super big for me arghh.


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