Tuesday, 1 October 2013

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 Hi everyone. 
I know it's been a while since I've posted anything still. I haven't gotten around to taking photos for the final review from my last batch of circle lenses. I've really like them though! I wear them quite often.
Anyway, I figured I would post some photos of goings on in my life lately.
Oh! And in only 3 and a bit weeks I'll be heading to Korea! I honestly can't wait. I know it's going to show me how poor my Korean language skills are though. =P

Homemade scones and dolsot bibimbap.
Last Christmas my mum bought me a dolsot (Korean hot pot).
I love making my own bibimbap with whatever meat and veg I have lying around. Gochujang is so tasty! 
It's the red pepper paste you mix in at the end. *drools all over keyboard*

And here is the easiest scone recipe ever
No more rubbing in butter or kneading till your hands hurt! =D

I've been playing with my hair at work. messy plait bun thing... I'm getting better at working with my hair though!
Basically I just do a tight side plait, and then twist it into a bun, tighten it with an elastic, and pin the edges down to hide the elastic and hold it closer to my head. I've also been doing a lot of twisty crowns. 
Hahaha that doesn't really describe what I do... But when I get better, I'll try and show you what I mean. =D

Uni garden and a four-leafed clover! 
Drunk Bec with EOS Ice Blue and Hungover Bec with coffee at uni. ^__^

I don't wear these lenses often, but they're such a bright blue colour! 
I really like them, but I thought they looked a bit silly on me. But I think they're quite pretty now.

My big sister, Amanda, and me at my birthday party. I swear we didn't intentionally both wear orange sweaters and white collars! ♥
 She's over in New York at the moment and I miss the crap outta her! 
My birthday was on Friday 13th of September. I had a big ol' party at my house which was really fun. 
Didn't get to bed until 6am though. OOPS! ^__^

And a gif I just made of Sassafrass!! Ah she's too cute.(My CSS makes it wide... I need to figure out how to override that thingy when I want things to not be made wide automatically!)

Hmm. I think that's enough random photos from my last month of being alive. 
I hope you enjoyed this collection of photos. I will be posting more regularly now, so keep an eye out! 

♥ Bec


  1. we love your crazy bun plait thing!! you should do a tutorial!


    1. I might do that actually! I'm still practicing it though. ^__^
      Thanks for the kind words. Your blog is really lovely!
      My sister and I were going to start a joint blog together but we're both so disorganised~
      Follow me back? :P

      ♥ Bec

  2. The food pics makes me hungry!



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