Friday, 4 October 2013

Review | Dolly Eye Crystal.i Hazel Lens

Hi everyone!! 
Finally, here is my review of the Dolly Eye Crystal.i Hazel lenses that I received from Uniqso. 
Also, I forgot to mention that I was given a discount code to offer to my readers! 
If you look in the side bar, there is a discount code for purchases from Uniqso. Just enter Paper10 at checkout for a 10% discount!!! So if you ever wanted to try these lenses out, go have a look! :) 
If you're still a bit worried or have never used contacts before, do visit Uniqso's Circle Lens Library.
There is tons of information about circle lenses here, including solutions to common problems encountered when wearing contact lenses.


I'm always a bit nervous about brown lenses because I have light coloured eyes, but just like the EOS Fay Brown lenses, I was pleased with how these blended into my natural grey-green-blue eyes.
There is no obvious line between the brown of the lens and the green of my iris. I think these are actually a perfect shade for people with lighter coloured eyes, because they're hazel rather than a darker brown colour. There's a bit of yellow tone in the lens. They also have a nice pattern that helps them blend well near the pupil.

Overly attached bored Bec.

Yes I wear glasses! Only for reading and when I'm staring at a computer for hours on end. 
When it's dark, and my pupils are big, my eyes just look a light brown colour, but in bright lights, you can see some of my natural colour coming through! Which gives a really pretty effect.

Close ups / Comparisons
(Click to enlarge)
Lens + no lens comparison
Haha I took these in my room at night so my pupils are really big! Also you can see how deep my eyelids are. Makes following makeup tutorials hard when they're designed for shallow lids. First world problems? Definitely.

With both lenses in
I really like these lenses. I think they're my favourite out of my latest purchases. They're really enlarging but still relatively natural looking. They change my look quite dramatically. Which is fun.
They are also very comfortable. I can easily wear them all day with minimal irritation.

I'm feeling twenty two! ^_^ On my way to uni on my birthday last month.

 I hope to be posting a bit more regularly from now on. 
So keep checking back, or follow me on social media for updates! ^__^
As always, thanks for reading!
And please let me know what you think of these lenses!
Do you think you'd try them yourself?
♥ Bec


  1. so cool! we aren't brave enough to wear coloured contacts. but these do look a bit more subtle

  2. They look so natural on you, i thought that was your real eye colour!!



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