Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review | EOS Fay 3 Tone Brown Lens

Wow it's been a while. After my exams, I disappeared to Europe, and then as soon as I got back, it was Christmas! I've been crazy busy, but now that I'm back to the usual routine (and bored as ever), I might as well share some things! When I got back to the office, all of the purchases I made before I went overseas were waiting for me on my desk! Yumetenbo purchases, and circle lenses.

I have always wanted to know what I would look like with brown eyes. And whilst contacts allow me to have whatever eye colour I want, I've been weary of brown lenses in the past and have never bought a pair; assuming that they're all designed for darker eyes, that they wouldn't cover my natural blue eyes, and that they wouldn't blend. But I finally bought some. And I'm super happy with the results!

The EOS Fay 3-tone brown lenses are amazing. I got these lenses from MapleLens (along with another pair that I'll share later). They came in a cute little box. I love the boxes that lenses come packed in. They're always so cute.

Depending on the light, you can see a little bit of natural eye colour near my pupil, but I think it blends surprisingly well. My mum was definitely shocked to see me with brown eyes! :P

Natural light + new hair colour! ^_^

Indoor lighting
New year, new hair colour! Feeling left out from the crazy hair colour craze, I dyed my hair a reddy brown. I am fairly certain that bleach would destroy my hair so I'll have to do without candy coloured strands until I decide I want to chop it all off (I can't see that happening.. I want it to grow but it won't!)

Anyway... LENSES!

Comfort: These lenses are really comfortable. I wore them for 8 hours and whilst they were starting to feel a little bit dry, it wasn't bad at all. I also find them really easy to put in (but maybe I'm just getting better at that in general :P).

Design: Really simple design. Whilst they are three tone, they look a uniform colour against my eye. I think that the subtle tones help the brown blend better near my pupil which is great. These lenses are lovely and natural.

Enlargement: These are 14.5mm lenses. There is some enlargement but it is natural and doesn't make you look like a doll. I wouldn't want them any bigger or smaller.

Overall: 10/10
I love these lenses. I think they look quite nice with my new hair colour as well. I really can't think of anything about the lenses that I wish was different so they have to get 10 out of 10. :)

I applied for a diploma of language studies yesterday. I really hope I get in. Just applying has motivated me to practice korean more. Ah well, only time will tell.

Here is a picture of my cat. I think she wants a high five. ♥


  1. Awwww~your kitty is just too cute for word


  2. lovely blog ! :)


  3. uiii :) this cat is soo cute :)
    i have also a cat who look like yours :)
    do you want to follow each other :)?

    1. hehe thanks Romy. ^_^
      followed you! your blog is lovely.

  4. The lenses looks really great! Normally i don't like brown lenses n blue greyish eyes, but these are great ♥


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