Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Review | Gloss 3-tone green lens

I just opened a new packet of contact lenses from Gloss Accessories in Sydney.
I bought these at the same time as the grey ones I reviewed ages ago, but they've been sitting in my drawer up until the other day. I actually really like these ones.
They are the 3-tone green lenses.

The lens on the right is actually inside out which is why it looks to be a different colour. It's possible to put them on whilst they're inside out and your eye will probably feel weird (it does for me) so best to check that the lighter side of the coloured lens is the part you're putting onto your eye. 

The colour difference is less obvious with some lenses so you can also tell by how it looks when you squeeze it between your fingers. Basically though if it feels weird on your eye, something probably isn't right and you should take it out.

The lenses from Gloss are more flexible than the ones I get directly from Korea so I actually find them harder to put in (they invert really easily). Gloss contacts only last 3 months and cost double that of the contacts I buy from Korea which last a year. Judging on how closely the Gloss grey contacts resembled the Puffy 3-tone grey contacts, I'm guessing that these would be similar to the Puffy 3-tone greens but with a larger diameter.

I really like these lenses. The colour change is pretty significant (although these photos don't show it so well) and they're more enlarging than my grey pair from Gloss.

without + with


Enlargement: 8/10
Colour/Design: 8/10
Comfort: 10/10

Overall: 9/10
I can wear these for ages without my eyes feeling sore, tired, or dry, so they're great for everyday. I might get the Puffy 3-tones once these lenses expire.

Hmm. Anyway I should study for exams now.
Here is a picture of my cat Sassafrass being adorable on the weekend:

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