Friday, 16 August 2013

Review | GEO Xtra WTA55 Grey Lens

Hi everybody!
I've already shared a couple of images of me wearing these lenses in previous posts, 
but felt I should give a proper review and provide some comparison pictures!
It's been a while since I've reviewed any lenses, but I will have some new ones coming soon as well!

I bought these lenses from Uniqso, who are currently celebrating their 2nd anniversary!
I prefer to buy from Uniqso because they provide excellent advice and customer service.

Photo from my last outfit post!

I bought f(x)'s new album, Pink Tape. It's such a great album!!!
I love every single song and the packaging is so cute. Korea really know how to package their music.


Obligatory Sass cuddle photo.
I can't resist snapping photos of us hanging out using Photobooth on my computer. ^_^

GEO Xtra Review

Colour & Design
The colour and design of these is wonderful. Great for those with grey or light blue eyes. I think they would work really well with hazel or green eyes as well.

The enlargement of these is great! The colour on the edges blends into the grey colouring of the lens a bit so there isn't too harsh an edge (such as on the Candy Eye grey lenses). This provides extra enlargement without looking too crazy alien.

Today I wore these lenses from 9am - 3pm. That's around 7 hours, which is when they started to feel a bit dry. I probably could have applied eye drops and worn them for longer though. So these are relatively comfortable. Especially given their larger diameter. These are as comfortable, or possibly more comfortable than the EOS puffy 3 tone grey lenses, which are only 14.5mm. So that's pretty excellent.

Diameter: 15mm
Base curve: 8.7
Water Content: 38%

Click here to look at other GEO brand lenses.

Indoor lighting
Outdoor lighting / comparison

The verdict

These lenses are a good balance of natural and dramatic. The colour compliments my natural eye colour and blends well. The darker limbal ring creates quite a lot of enlargement, but detracts from the naturalness of the lenses. They definitely give your eyes a dolly like look, without making you look too alien.

These lenses are my new favourite grey pair. Granted, I haven't tried THAT many but these are the biggest and most comfortable I've tried. I really like them and they've re-sparked my love of lenses.

These lenses get a 10/10!

 YAY! Well I hope you liked this post.
Stay tuned for some new lens reviews and other beauty product reviews coming soon.
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Keep smiling everyone!

♥ Bec


  1. CAT!!! <3
    And those lenses...looking at them is def. making me tempted to buy a pair of my own!I hate wearing contacts but these look just too cute to resist!

  2. Thanks love! ^_^
    If you do wanna try out a pair, I'm about to upload a 10% discount code that Uniqso gave me to share with my readers!
    It does take a while to get used to the feeling of contacts, especially because these kind are quite large. I usually wear them to add extra impact to a look, and don't wear them when I'm just going to work. :P
    You could always give them a go! They're kind of addictive. And generally pretty cheap too! Only around $20 and they last 12 months.
    ♥ Bec


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