Friday, 30 August 2013

Review | Face Shop Aqua UV CC Cream

After my sort of disappointing experience with The Face Shop's Smart Capsule CC cream (Click here for my review),
I was keen to try one of their other varieties before exploring options from other brands. 
I'm just so forgiving like that. ^_^

When I went to The Face Shop store in Sydney, they did not have this one at all. They did have the Face It Aura CC cream though, which is packaged in the same style, with a handy pump style compact design.
 I had heard that the Aqua UV CC cream was supposed to be much more hydrating than the Smart Capsule.
So I was really excited to try this one!

 (Click images to enlarge)

Click here to view the promo pictures.
Suzy from Miss A did the promotions for this product.
She's so stunning! ^_^

I really like the fact that you can buy refills for this product. Instead of buying a whole new product, you simply buy a cartridge that you insert into the base of the compact. This is good news because it saves on materials and cost (theoretically at least; I can't find anywhere that stocks the refill cartridges online for the Aqua UV CC cream, only the Aura).

First up, this is a huge improvement from the Smart Capsule CC cream in terms of how it settles on my skin.
Whilst the Smart Capsule became quite flaky and made my skin look old and dry, this one makes my skin look dewy and smooth. As opposed to the Smart Capsule CC cream which is only available in one colour, is white and becomes coloured upon blending, the Aqua UV is available in #1 Radiant/Bright Beige, or #2 Natural Beige.
I bought it in colour #1.

1.5-2 pumps releases enough cream to get decent coverage on my face. I use the puff that comes with the compact to lightly tap the cream onto my face. This is different from what I'm used to in terms of applying face creams, as I usually blend with my fingers.

However the tapping method provides more even coverage.
As an experiment, I applied the cream with my fingertips in a blending motion, and the texture left on my skin was uneven. So definitely use a makeup puff and tapping motion, rather than blending.

 I always use a moisturising night cream after cleansing my face and before applying CC cream.
My skin is quite dry during the colder months, so I've begun using night cream in the morning and evening.

Because this CC cream is SPF 50, I don't need to use a moisturiser with SPF in it in the morning.
After application, this CC cream leaves a dewy texture. However this only lasts a little while, as once the cream settles it has a semi-matte finish.



 left hand side with, right hand side without

 Whilst I don't quite know what they mean by the fact that it contains "plantwater" (I'm guessing water from plants but I don't know how that is superior to regular water), the cream is quite cooling on the skin.

I've been wearing this CC cream most days since I got it. And I have to say that I really love it.
Also, I'm fairly confident that my skin texture has improved greatly since I began using it.

My only complaint is that the UV CC Cream is only 20mL.
I am hoping this lasts me a while because I want to use it everyday! :P

with makeup

with lenses and dry hair :P

This CC cream is much better than the smart capsule variety in my opinion.
The texture is much nicer and improves my complexion a lot.
I have reused the smart capsule CC cream since my initial review.
I have found it better, but the Aqua UV CC Cream is far better.

I hope you liked my review!
Thanks for reading.
Keep smiling! (^_^)

♥ Bec


  1. i have this too but im still keeping it ._.
    is the puff useable? ive always wondered but no one seems to mention it on reviews (or is the "makeup puff" you mention is the puff included?). Thanks for the review!!

    1. Hi Belinda!
      I really like the puff (which I refer to as the makeup puff). You just slip your fingers through the ribbon and pat the cream onto your face. It's probably best to replace it every once in a while. Oh and I managed to find refills for this while I was in Seoul! It came with a replacement puff as well.
      Thanks for dropping by! ^__^
      ♥ Bec

  2. Hi did you use a pressed powder after using a cc cream?


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