Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yumetenbo: procrastination shopping

Whilst procrastinating from writing my essay, I found a link to one Japanese store, which linked me to another one, and another and another... However not being able to read Japanese (except the characters for ka, ki, ku, ke, ko) I couldn't figure out if I could actually purchase any of the things I was looking at. I eventually found an english version of a really cute shop: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/dreamv/ Yumetenbo is the store, but Rakuten is a global marketplace where you can buy from all kinds of japanese stores online. I fear the impact that this new discovery will have on my bank balance. O_O

Anyway I was uncertain about quality from this site so I only bought a couple of things. They're very Japanese but I'm hoping that I can pull them off (also hoping that they actually fit me.. translating the size charts was tricky but I got help from this blog).

navy with white top variation.

mint green with spots variation (I wanted mint without spots but soldout!)

red. I can't wait to get this bag!

There were some really cute shoes on this site too but I seriously can't figure out shoe sizes whilst shopping online. It never seems to work out properly for me and Asian sizing of shoes is particularly odd. The shipping was a bit silly... It is based on how much you spend rather than how much the items you have purchased weigh. Which I guess is great if you're ordering a lot of cheap and heavy things... Overall though it worked out to be pretty cheap. And my birthday is coming up so I may as well treat myself. I think I have been using that excuse too much lately... Ah well, back to my essay!


  1. I had purchase shoes from they before it was a bit disappointed because the bow wasn't even same size but it's cute anyway, i wear it to my senior dance the bow end up fall out and i only had wear it once :/

    For the shoes size my uk size is 4 and euro size is 37
    japanese shoes is measure by cm
    so mine is 21.5cm so it's size Small in japan you can look up the chart online hope this help xD

    1. Hi Momo! Thanks for the sizing tips. :)
      I was a bit worried about the quality too... sounds like you had pretty bad luck with your shoes. I'm a size 39 euro and not very good at walking in heels, but I might buy a pair sometime just to see what they're like. I just wish the shipping wasn't so expensive! :) <3


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