Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Life | I want to be travelling...

I miss Japan and Korea. I loved both places so much when I went in February with my boyfriend David. I can't wait to go back. I want to be travelling so badly right now but I'm trapped because of work and university. But I can still spend my days fantasising about places I will visit, things I will buy, and foods I will munch. Kimchijeon, bibimbap, tonkatsu ramen, the freshest sashimi ever, bubble tea, and ramune ♥ Mmm I'm hungry.
Takeshita Street! I loved Harajuku! David had to stop me from buying ALL OF THE THINGS.

bike riding in Kyoto + exploring Gyeongju 
(we stayed overnight in a Buddhist temple. it was really cool!)
 delicious ramen in Tokyo + Shibuya at night

Cheonggyecheon in Seoul :)
I know I should travel somewhere new in the world, explore new countries... But I didn't get to know Japan or Korea well enough and I feel like I need to go back. Also I want to shop because the shopping in Korea was INCREDIBLE! I bought the rainbow tartan coat I'm wearing in the last photo in Dongdaemun. Seriously...the best shopping ever.

Sigh... I should get back to writing this super depressing essay on Monsanto. Nearly the end of term and then I'm free for... no time at all because next term starts immediately. Good news though; I am enrolling in a Diploma of Language Studies majoring in Korean for semester 1 of 2013. =) I'm excited to keep studying the Korean language. Also, I bought 2 sweater clips that should be arriving soon, and a new pair of circle lenses! Hooray for new things!

Also if you happen to stumble upon my little corner of the internet, please say hi!

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