Friday, 3 August 2012

Bows + Fiona + Procrastination

Hello! I survived my uni assignments and have just enrolled for next term of uni and bought my new textbooks. Exciting stuff! I'm also looking at enrolling in a Diploma of Language Studies... But not sure if that will all work out just yet. Fingers crossed that I can make it work! And fingers crossed that if I do make it work, I can handle such a busy schedule! =P

BOWS!   =)
Look at them all! Aren't they lovely? I ordered these bows from Cat at Sincerely Maeko in a frenzy of last minute shopping before my "no spending money online" rule came into effect (4 weeks and going strong!)

I just received them the other day and they're really well made. The fabric is really sturdy and I lierally couldn't be happier! If you're a fan of cute hair bows (and you should be because they can be worn so many different ways and they add character to every outfit) check out her store. You can even request custom bows if you pay a little extra for the fabric. The quality is incredible considering the price and Cat is super lovely and helpful.

I'm wearing the red checkered schoolgirl style bow in my hair today but I'm not terribly skilled at photographing the back of my head so no photos.

I bought Fiona Apple's new record last night. She is one of my favourite artists ever. Her songs, her beauty, her voice... Her last 3 albums made me fall in love and finally having more of her music is a great feeling.

My favourite song from the Idler Wheel:

It's different from her usual stuff but I love it oh so much. I can't stop listening to it! It's like Tymps all over again (another incredible Fiona Apple song. Listen here)

Anyway I should continue studying for exams. I procrastinated all morning by scanning old photos that I found on my bookshelf. After I've edited them (future procrastinatory task) I will post some of them on here!  

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