Tuesday, 7 August 2012

How Black Milk Clothing made me lose a bet.

In my last post I mentioned a bet that I had going with my friends. I am not allowed to spend money on the internet for 8 weeks (because I think I genuinely have an addiction to buying things... that may sound stupid but I spend a LOT of dollars on the internet).

To Rory and James: I am deeply ashamed of myself for the purchasing of the below item prior to the conclusion of the bet. I hope you can forgive me and trust that our friendship can survive this unfortunate occurrence.

If you float around the internet a lot, you've probably heard of Black Milk Clothing. And if you haven't and you like fashions/leggings/shiny fabrics/awesome patterns, you should go check it out because there are so many fabulous and wonderful things. It's a pretty incredible story of how it started and it really has grown into a global community with girls around the world sharing pictures of the pieces they buy. Every now and then there are releases of new things and they are always absolutely nuts. Literally thousands of people all sitting behind their screens waiting to snatch up as many shiny nylon treats as they can.
I had sweaty palms as I watched the timer tick down to the time of release... I lost the bet. But I won new clothes!

 Island Retreat cap sleeved body suit!!!

Nylon Wars: Episode 2 launched at 2:00pm today. I managed to stay strong through Episode 1 and not buy anything, but this time I couldn't resist. The above swimsuit/bodysuit was limited and I've seen limited stuff disappear in minutes never to be restocked/resewn ever again. So I said "Okay I haven't spent any money on the interwebs for 5 weeks now... I deserve a treat!". Also I've been a good girl and not smoked cigarettes. I deserve ALL of the rewards!

Stuff can be a bit insane on release days and if you've got your eye's on a limited piece, you definitely need to prepare yourself...

Tips for release days:
  1. Create your account/sign in ahead of release time.
  2. Know your size before release!
  3. Pre-plan what you're going to buy so you don't second guess yourself, take too long adding items, and miss out.
  4. Be ready to hit refresh a thousand times, because there are sometimes glitches with the shop on release days.
  5. Get your items in the cart as quick as possible and proceed to checkout as quickly as you can.
  6. If it says you have items out of stock, REFRESH. They might not actually be out of stock!
  7. Once you're at the payment information, the items are reserved for you but don't take too long or you might miss out.
The latest release had a lot of glitches! The timer hit 0 and I hit refresh (at the same time as 100k+ other girls did too) and no items loaded! So I kept hitting refresh and 1 item loaded... Refresh... a couple more items... Every item loaded into the store one by one it seemed... But because I knew exactly what I wanted I just kept hitting refresh till I saw it, added a medium to my cart, and went straight to checkout.
It was sold out... SOLD OUT! I spent about 10 seconds doing this at my desk: 

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I genuinely nearly cried. It's really easy to miss out on limited pieces from Black Milk. I told myself it couldn't be sold out. It wasn't ALLOWED to be sold out. So I hit refresh (around 20 times) on the checkout screen until it told me it was available! The relief I felt... Oh gosh.

So the Island Retreat suit is soon to join my (currently very small) collection of Black Milk things. 

The Peacock Skirt and Scribble Leggings. 

WARNING: Buying Black Milk stuff is extremely exciting and addictive. Girls have posted images of their collections on Facebook and holy hell there are some girls with almost every piece that has ever been released! If you fall in love with Black Milk items, it can be extremely damaging to your wallet.


  1. good for you u got what you want :D. im not suppose to spend money on the internet but i ended up getting 2 leggings :P.now im just gonna wait for the leg bones to get back in stock and i can stop for a very long time xD

    1. Hey Shizuen! How hard is it to not spend money on Black Milk? I love all of their stuff :P Which leggings did you get? Leg bones are amazing. I've been contemplating getting the ribs swimsuit for ages. But I really need to control myself for a little bit and not go on the site because I know I'll accidentally spend all my money if I do. Thanks heaps for commenting! You're kind of the first real comment I've had on my blog. :P


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