Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My letter to McCains

I just had one of my frequent cravings for supreme pizza pockets and remembered this email that I sent to McCains through their website:
I am a huge fan of the supreme pizza pockets that your wonderful company produce. They are THE most delicious thing in the whole world and I actually can't get enough of them. Which is why I am writing to you! I don't know who is to blame for the current supreme pizza pocket drought, but I can no longer buy supreme flavoured pizza pockets anywhere in Sydney! It actually made me tear up a little bit the other day, so I want to finally get to the bottom of this.
I realised I had a hunger, and that I wanted nothing in the world more than a supreme pizza pocket. So I went for a wander but the only flavours in the 4 grocery stores I checked were ham and pineapple and bacon! I settled for ham and pineapple in the end, which is also an excellent flavour. But supreme in my opinion, is the supreme pocket flavour. I always feel a little bit teased when someone has stocked the supreme pizza subs right next to the pizza pockets. I see the green label against the red box, and my heart skips a beat. Will I finally be reunited with my favourite food in the world? But ahh McCain... You've done it again; if by "it" you mean tricked me into thinking I'll get that delicious taste in my mouth again.
So I guess what I'm asking here is why are there never supreme pizza pockets in any of the grocery stores? Is there a particular day that supreme pizza pockets arrive at stores? Do I perhaps have a supreme pizza pocket rival living near me, who is buying every box before I can buy any? I don't expect a full scale investigation into that last hypothesis, but if you could let me know when/how I can get supreme back on my shelves, that would be marvellous.
Thank you for reading my letter.
Bec Newing

They replied swiftly, thanked me for my entertaining email and asked where I lived.
Then I received this:
Hi Bec,
Product is stocked by;
Coles Broadway or Pyrmont.
IGA Pyrmont can order the product - 132718
Franklins Summer Hill
IGA Riteway can order the product – 132718

My next step is to enquire into these false statements next time I'm at Coles and demand satisfaction.

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