Friday, 24 August 2012

Pokemon X Burton

These are brilliant and I had to share... Pokemon: Tim Burton style!
I really wish I was this creative. People amaze me. Apparently he is going to do all 151 original Pokemon! Heaps exciting. I would definitely buy a poster of these guys. =)

Art by Hatboy.

Aren't they excellent? I thought so.

Also, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY! Although I'll likely spend my weekend finishing this essay (which I've neglected all week). Only have to write another 1000 words. I need to finally see the Dark Knight Rises over the weekend as well. People keep wanting to discuss it with me and are shocked that I haven't watched it yet. =)

Oh yeah I recently got Instagram. Not sure how often I'll use it yet. I've always kind of hated it because people just take photos of every meal they eat. =P So far I've just used old pictures that I had on my phone. But it is a great app for sharing photos.

Here is a song/music video for you. It has me in a really cheerful mood this morning.
I hope everyone has an excellent weekend! ^_^

Perfume ♥


  1. pokemon x burton hehehehe very good idea!!!i like this blog:) if you will have time you can visit me too:)kisses:*:*

  2. love Tim Burton's work! awesome! xx

  3. Awesome post ^^

    Just needed to thank you for following me a while back...I followed you back now ^^

    Love Emi


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