Monday, 29 July 2013

Outfit | 스타일베리 (StyleBerry) purchases! :D

Hello everybody! (◠‿◠)
Recently, I discovered a Korean clothing shop called StyleBerry.
And oh my god... I fell in love with nearly all of the things.

cute logo! 
 I originally found them through but wanted to see everything they sold so found their online store. Although it's all in Korean, it isn't too hard to navigate the website (plus I can practice my reading while I shop!) I purchased 2 dresses after narrowing down my options. At one point I must have had 50 different pages open with all of the things I wanted!

This was the dress that I immediately fell in love with. It made me search their website for more beautiful dresses. The shape is perfect and the small collar is adorable. This is one of my favourite dresses at the moment and I wear it all the time! It looks great with my red cardigan and a red tote bag, which is usually what I pair it with for a smart casual work outfit.

I love the pattern on the skirt of this dress. It's so pretty and the colours are really lovely. The top is really flouncy and feminine with layers on the sleeves and a scoop style neck. I wore a tulle skirt under both dresses to add extra oomph.
Today was the first day of semester and this is what I wore to class! So happy to be doing Korean again.
한국어를 제미있어! 이번 학기에 나는 열심히 공부해!

Also I'm wearing the shoes that I bought from Yumetenbo with both of these outfits!
I have them in 3 colours and really love being able to colour coordinate my shoes with tons of the dresses in my wardrobe.

Both dresses are polyester, but they're both fully lined and the fabric feels good quality. I've only worn them in cooler weather so far, but I think they would breathe enough to not leave you uncomfortable in warmer weather. Both of them look exactly as they did in the pictures, which is great and both dresses are made in Korea.

Each dress cost me around $45, which is a good price point for the quality and the fact that they're so cute! The prices are comparatively cheaper on the StyleBerry website than they are on YesStyle (depending on your currency's exchange rate with KRW) which was a nice surprise. However YesStyle also have tons of other brands and the whole website is in English. 

Both dresses fit me perfectly which is lucky because I didn't check the returns policy before I bought them. Woops! I'm a small apparently. Some of the items are free sizing, but there is a size chart included with the pictures of each item.

On the subject of shipping, StyleBerry use DGG, which is a Korean post forwarding service. So basically non-Korean residents can buy items from many different Korean online stores, and have their goods forwarded all in one package. As this was the first time I had used DGG, I wasn't entirely certain on the process. But now I am!
  1. You pay the store for the goods
  2. They forward it to a holding centre (I think it's in Hong Kong or maybe Gumcheon airport)
  3. DGG send you an invoice for the shipping cost via email (CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER)
  4. They send your package to you once they've received your payment.

So there's some info about one of my new favourite fashion brands.
I think my wardrobe could very slowly fill up with Styleberry, Yumetenbo, and Review purchases. 

On that note, I'm planning on sharing some pics/reviews of the things I've bought from Yumetenbo, but I'm waiting for my remote shutter control to get here so I don't have to run back and forth between the spot I pose in (also looking for a spot with better lighting) and the stack of books my camera is on. :P

I hope you guys like this post! I will have more for you soon I hope!

Keep smiling!
♥ Bec


  1. Ooo, thank you for the shop review and the pictures! I personally love the dresses that you bought, the second one is my favourite! *__* So pretty~

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. Thanks June! I really recommend Styleberry.
      All their clothes are so cute! ^_^
      ♥ Bec


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