Tuesday, 18 September 2012

21 + Black Milk + ♥

Oh my god! I'm 21 years old now!
I have been for around 5 days now. Last Thursday I went to drinks with work colleagues and then I met boyfriend. We went to a different Korean restaurant from usual and it was amazing! I requested a couple of songs (cause I'm a dork) and ate so much food and got heaps too drunk on soju. Friday was extremely difficult. I may have fallen asleep at my desk multiple times.
The night before I had drinks with some of my favourite people and my sister gave me early birthday presents. A Miu Miu dress!! ^_^ Ah it is so lovely with it's ultra sparkly collar and it fits me perfectly. It's my first fancy labelled dress. I love it so much. Hopefully there are some photos of the full dress from my party.

Birthday dinner with David. drank way too much soju +
wearing my new Miu Miu dress and practicing my hair for my party.

Saturday night was my actual 21st birthday party with friends and family at my parent's house. I had so much fun but time went so quickly! It felt like I had only been there for 2 hours when all of a sudden it was nearly midnight. I haven't seen any photos from the actual night yet but I'm hoping they exist because I want to remember that night for ages. I'm going over to my parents tonight to pick up the gifts I received (which I wasn't expecting so many of). The whole experience was overwhelming but so wonderful.
A bunch of people got a van back into the city with me to continue the party.

The blurriness of this photo is exactly how I remember the night after leaving my parent's house
One of the presents I did open on the night was from my friend James. More Black Milk! I look kind of out of it in these pictures because this was Sunday morning (a.k.a. ultra hangover day) but I'm really happy with how it fits. I tried and failed to get the Gamer swimsuit in the BM release last Thursday, but receiving this has satiated my desire for stretchy nylons (at least for a little while).

New Black Milk! Woman in red dress.

Will likely update here when I have more photos from my party. But I've been ignoring university for the last week and a half so I won't be posting as often (I really need to get on top of stuff again)!

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  1. Happy Birthday for the other day!! You are very pretty! I am glad you had a good party! xxxx


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