Friday, 7 September 2012

My letter to Zovirax

Okay so I have a cold sore right now.
Gross right? If you don't wanna read about them, stop reading now.

Still reading? Cool! Basically if you get cold sores, you know how awful they are. And if you don't get them, you are very lucky. Once you get the virus, you've got it for good and I've been getting these unsightly nasties since I was about 7. As well as being embarassing and painful, people assume you got the virus through some gross sex act, and I don't think there should be such a stigma around them. Anyway I guess I've started writing letters to companies whenever I have a shitty time with a product. It's like another way of reviewing stuff. So this is my shitty time/complaint/review of Zovirax's cold sore patches.
I've gotten cold sores since I was 7. I get around 5 a year normally. But this year, being particularly stressful, has led to far more than that. I am currently sporting my 8th blister. Anyway, the point is that I normally use Compeed cold sore patches. They were just the first patches that I tried. I went to a chemist the other day and they did not have Compeed available so I purchased your brand of cold sore patch. And I wouldn't be writing this if I'd had a good experience with them. In that sense, I do apologise because I know that you hear the negatives a lot more than the positives. But I needed to say something. I paid a reasonably high price for your product, followed the instructions correctly, however the applicator never comes cleanly off the patch. This generally means that I ruin the patch in the process of trying to remove the applicator, and have to use a new one. Of the patches I have tried to use in a packet, I would say that more than half of them have been binned for this reason.
Having a cold sore is stressful and uncomfortable as I know you guys know. But pulling an adhesive patch off a blister hurts! And aggravates the site, making it hurt more! Yesterday afternoon I spent a stupid amount of time trying to apply one of your patches to the site. I followed the instructions exactly but the patch simply would not separate from the applicator. I ended up going to a nearby chemist to buy Compeed's variety, even though I'm not exactly made of money at the moment. Have you considered changing the application system? Compeed uses a system similar to that of a regular bandaid and it is far easier and less trouble.
I apologise for this... Like I said, I know you must hear the negatives way more than the positives. I always use and appreciate the Zovirax brand cold sore creams, although no matter how early on I apply it, a blister always develops. Which is fine. That's just me. I still buy the cream because it soothes as well as providing that slim chance of stopping a cold sore in its tracks. But paying for a product that is frustrating and unreliable prompted me to write to you today. Regardless of my being cranky at your company at the moment, I hope everyone in your office has an excellent day. It's a really nice day in Sydney and I hope that, wherever you are, you get a chance to enjoy the weather. :)
Zovirax patches : 2/10
Because when you can actually get it on to the sore, I guess they do what they're supposed to.

Compeed patches : 9/10
I'm wearing a Compeed patch right now. They're very discrete, easy to apply, and they certainly give you peace of mind. Because the cold sore virus can spread to other parts of your face (and you can infect other people) covering it up is really important. Patches also help the healing process and stop the sore from scabbing up.

Okay I'm done talking about herpes now. I promise my blog will be herpes free from here on in.
But if you get cold sores and have some magical treatment for them, let me in on the secrets!

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