Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review | EOS Puffy 3 Tone Grey Lens

Hi everyone!
I ordered the EOS Puffy 3 Tone Grey lenses from UNIQSO. The website was great and the shipping was really fast! They came in an adorable little box with a standard lenses case. I like that the lens case is clear so I can see which lenses are in there.

this box will surely get filled with ribbons and bobby pins.

I was so excited to open them (accidentally spilled solution all over my desk in the process) but was cranky to see that the diameter is stated as 14.2mm when the website said they were 14.8mm! There was also that annoying clear outer ring that I saw on the pair I bought from Gloss.
a tiny bottle of LIES!

that clear outer ring! >:(
Yaaaaay! Wearing my new lenses and I'm really really happy with them! Took some pictures whilst I was getting reading for work (sorry if I look a bit sleepy). Before buying these I found a few reviews by girls with dark brown eyes and they looked amazing! I was so excited to put them in.

EOS Puffy 3 tone grey lenses (from UNIQSO)
+ shirt (from Romwe) + blazer (from Yesstyle)
This was me when I left to work this morning!
I love wearing new things and I absolutely adore this new top from Romwe. It has little metal details on the collar and is super flattering. Plus it goes great with my green blazer that recently resurfaced in my wardrobe. And even though I can't see my eyes and I don't really see many people at work, it's still fun wearing circle lenses. :)

Comparison. No makeup.
These lenses are much more enlarging than the pair from Gloss. I was a little worried that these would be extremely similar to the last pair, I actually think they are better. The darker limbal ring enlarges without looking too unnatural and I'm really happy with the size. These lenses are natural looking and make my eyes look bigger which is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

Both lenses in + makeup.
 Colour/Design: 10/10
The colour blends really well into my natural eye colour and the prominent limbal ring enlarges the eye without looking unnatural and dolly-like. I love the colour and design of these!

Comfort: 10/10
I've been wearing these for 3 hours and can barely even feel them in my eye anymore. When I first put them in there was a little discomfort but I think that is normal as your eyes need to adjust. At the moment, I'm giving these a perfect 10.

Enlargement: 10/10
As you can see in the comparison picture, these lenses are bigger than my natural iris and the dark limbal ring adds to the natural enlarging effect. I love the enlarging effect these lenses give.

Overall: DUH! 10/10!
I absolutely love these lenses. Finally I've found the perfect everyday lenses.

I hope you enjoyed my review!
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of these lenses.
Would you try them yourself? Or maybe you already have? Let me know!! ^__^

♥ Bec

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