Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Life | Rozelle Markets!

A few weeks ago Sophie and my sister, Amanda, asked me if I wanted to do a market stall with them. We all have ridiculously overflowing wardrobes so it made sense for us to pass on our much loved clothes to some market-going fashion lovers. We booked a stall 2 weeks in advance and began culling our wardrobes! Some of the items I had decided to part with brought tears to my eyes. All of those memories! But if I hadn't worn it in the last sixmonths, I probably wouldn't miss it.

I wish I had taken more photos on the day but I snapped a couple.

Around 9am! Pretty happy to have coffee at last.
  Sophie has fabulous cotton candy coloured hair which makes me want to dye my hair wonderful colours but then I remember how it will damage my hair. This was our stall just when the markets began. Soph's nanna was selling bags and things that she'd made herself at the front of the stall but left at around midday. 

Lots of sitting around watching people try on our stuff.
   At the end of the day it began to dawn on all of us that we'd still have enough stuff to possibly run another market stall! And when I got home (despite being completely exhausted) I found myself mentally selecting stuff from my wardrobe that I will sell next time round. I hope I don't become addicted to selling my things! Although that's a better addiction than buying things.

  I ended up making a decent amount of money (which I am determined not to spend on more clothes) and shouted my boyfriend and I some delicious thai food for dinner.
I'm determined to bring even more stuff to sell at our next stall. It was such a fun day!

A picture of a dog that I regret not buying + $5 shoes at our stall!
♥ Bec

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  1. Ahh I love flea- markets/Carboot sales, they are the best! You never know what you will find, and its a great way of making money! I love the dog picture also! I always find myself coming home with the most random stuff I have bought! xxxx


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