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Hello + EOS Candy Eye Grey review!

Hello world.
I'm Bec and this is my first post of my first ever blog and I've decided to talk about something I recently discovered (a small new obsession of mine). That is: circle lenses!!!

Circle lenses are contact lenses that are usually bigger than your natural iris and so they have an enlarging effect. They come in many different colours and sizes. Some have dark circles on the outer edge (to imitate the natural limbal ring of the eye), making your eyes look HUGE! Some people like natural looking lenses whilst other people go for that dramatic look that will turn heads.

Hello everyone! Me being a dork.
My natural eye colour + shirt from Chicwish
  As circle lenses are mostly worn by people with dark eyes (they're originally from South Korea and popular in Japan), it's pretty hard finding reviews of circle lenses by people with light eyes. So I'm going to try and give my opinion on every pair I buy for light eyed people interested in trying circle lenses :)

NOTE: There are definitely risks involved with cosmetic contact lenses!!! In Australia and many other countires you can purchase them off the internet easily without a prescription, however please make sure you read about them first! How to open the lens bottles, how to take care of them properly, how to clean them, and the importance of inserting them before you apply makeup and checking the lens for particles or damage before putting them in your eye. A tiny tear in a lens can cause scratches on your eye and cause permanent damage. So always take care! This blog has a great guide on how to care for lenses.

My first pair were EOS Candy Eye Grey

EOS Candy Eye Grey (ignore my huge nose please)
 I bought these from They have tons of circle lenses and you can select prescriptions for each lens if you normally wear glasses! They were really helpful with all the questions I had so check out their site (link is above). These were the very first pair of contact lenses I've ever worn, so it was a bit tricky getting them in at first.  I think these would be best to wear out at night with simple makeup (some black eyeliner and lots of mascara).

 Colour/Design: 6/10
These make my eyes look very unnatural. The grey blended in well with my natural blue-grey eyes and the colour change was minimal. But the thick black outter ring looks very unnatural on light eyes. I know what to look for in my next pair though, and I still think these are great for a dramatic look.

Comfort: Because I don't have anything to compare them to, it's hard to say how comfortable they are. However I wore them for 6 hours without my eyes drying out. I sometimes forgot that they were there! Occasionally the lens would shift and I would have blurred vision, however closing and rubbing my eyelid repositioned the lens easily.

Enlargement: 10/10
My eyes look SO BIG! Even though they are only 14.5mm in diameter the black ring really enlarges your eye. My sister freaked out when she saw me wearing these. "Your eyes are enormous!!" Hehehe. So in terms of enlargement they get a perfect 10!

Overall: 7/10
These might not have been the best first pair for me to try, but they're still very fun lenses with a very dramatic effect. I feel like they would look better on those with darker eyes, but as long as you don't mind an unnatural looking limbal ring, these lenses are great.

The details
  • Base Curve: 8.6 
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
Water % of Content: 38%  Manufacturer: EOS
  • Reflective Index : 1.43 (wet)
  • Oxygen Permeability : 16DK 
  • Lens Type: 1 year

  • Okay! I think that's all. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Also I'm sorry for the poor quality photos. Will review my other pairs later!

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